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The human foot is an extremely compound part of the body which is giving us the most important tasks, a weight bearer and propulsion (movement).

To determine the type of running shoes you will, you need to know first what arch type of your foot based on the height of your pronator.

Here are the three different foot arch type:

1. Normal Arch – This the common foot type for runners with normal arches and your foot alignment is neutral also. The chances of injuries of this foot type are really minimal.

2. Flat or Low Arch – Having a flat foot there is no visible arch on your foot. If you are low arch, you are presumably an overpronator, which means every time you run your feet roll inward.

3. High Arch – It is very easy for you to identify if you having a high arch foot because it is really visible, the arch is position too high. Your feet alignment most likely a supinate which means every time you run your feet it roll outwards.

To find out what type of foot arch you have do the foot arch test below.

Procedures of foot arch test:
1. Prepare water, paper or card board enough size for your foot and a shallow basin or pan that will fit your foot inside.
2. Pour in the water inside the basin or pan.
3. Dip the sole of your foot inside the basin or pan.
4. Then step your wet foot to the paper or card board.
5. Look for the type of foot arch is showing.

Right type of running shoe for your foot type

Normal Arch = Stability Running Shoes

If you are normal arch type of foot you need running shoes that make you more stabilize. These stability running shoes having combines features of cushioning and support into its design. See the example of stability running shoes here.

igh Arch = Cushioned Running Shoes

Cushioned running shoes give emphasis to enhanced shock dispersion in its midsole and/or outsole to its design. Numerous shoe companies put some additional materials to the heel and forefoot areas to improve the cushioning power of the shoes, the example of materials they put such as air, gel, hydro flow and many others. See the example of cushioned running shoes here.

Flat Arch = Motion Control Shoes

The motion control shoes give much more priority to the inside shoe support by having dual density midsoles, roll bars or foot bridges. This inside support slows the rate of being over pronator. See the example of motion control running shoes here.

Remember: Find the right running shoes for your feet...

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