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The Marathon

Marathon is a long-distance sport running competition which each individual require to run in an open with an official distance of 42.195 kilometers (26 miles and 385 yards). This event was organized in tribute of the legendary run of Pheidippides, a Greek soldier and a messenger from the Battle of Marathon, to Athens, Greece.

In 1896, the marathon was one of the modern Olympic original events or sports, while there was no definite running distance until 1921 it was implemented. There are always more than 500 marathoners or runners participating to this event which is held throughout the world every year, with the most of runners joining are recreational athletes.

A larger marathons participated by tens of thousands of runners, like “Olympics”. While, smaller marathons, like the “Stanley Marathon” have a just dozens of runners participated.

  • Year 1896 | 40 Kms. | 24.85 Miles
  • Year 1900 | 40.26 Kms. | 25.02 Miles
  • Year 1904 | 40 Kms. | 24.85 Miles
  • Year 1906 | 41.86 Kms. | 26.01 Miles
  • Year 1908 | 42.195 Kms. | 26.22 Miles
  • Year 1912 | 40.2 Kms. | 24.98 Miles
  • Year 1920 | 42.75 Kms. | 26.56 Miles
  • Year 1924 - present | 42.195 Kms. | 26.22 Miles
Yearly, there are more than 500 marathons are happenings around the world. A number of of these marathon events are organized by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) which has grown since it’s established in 1982 to hold over 300 affiliate events in 83 countries and territories.

The Fun Run

The fun run is a friendly running race which the objective is to have an enjoyment running with the fellow runners rather than having a competition with them. A fun run which usually a road running or a cross country running is done to raise funds for a foundation or charity, with sponsors providing the revenue to cover institutional expenses.

Fun runs can be consist of novelty categories, like wearing costumes, and age groups for child, teen, and mature. Fun runs can also be a part of marathon or other professional running competition as a side event.

Preparation before Joining a Marathon

Training: Before you join in a marathon, you must have experience running in a long distance at least in a six months period of time or you are already participating in a short running competition.

Medical condition: Although you are already running in a long period of time, you still need to consult your doctor and advise him or her that you have a plan to train for and joining in a marathon.

The running apparel and gears: Although you are not required to buy tons of expensive apparels and gears, but it is really important to invest on them especially if it’s improve your performance and gives you a comfortable running.

- Buying right running shoes is one of the important investments if you are a runner. The best running shoes that will fit and suitable to your running style, type of your foot, and level of experience that will give you to run much more comfortable and to decrease the chances to have an injury. You can check a good quality running shoes in Amazon.
- For those women that also running getting the right sports bra is very crucial for women to make them feel comfortable while in a long distance run. You can check a quality sports bra in Amazon.
- Wearing right running clothes made of special fabric material that makes you dry and comfortable. You can check the quality running clothes in Amazon.
- It’s really important to hydrate yourself during runs, so you required of having a good quality water bottle or hydration belt. You can check the quality hydration belt in Amazon.
- If you want to hear music while running you need a good quality armband. You can check the quality armband in Amazon.

Weather Condition: It’s really important for runner to know what type of weather condition in the day of the events area.

Remember, do the proper training and wear the right running apparel and gear to make yourself more safe and comfortable during your run.


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